Ohio Governor Calls On National Guard To Prepare For Presidential Debate

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine plans to send the National Guard to Cleveland next week for added security for the first presidential debate.

DeWine said City Hall made a formal request for the National Guard and he granted it to supply back up for crowd control in case a mass protest breaks out.

Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron announced Wednesday (September 23) to indict only one of the three officers involved, former Det. Brett Hankison, on first-degree wanton endangerment charges, caused a nationwide protest.

Hankinson's charges directly related to his decision to blindly fire multiple shots not only into Taylor's apartment but also in the apartments nearby. However, he is not being charged with striking Taylor and killing her.

The local chapter of Black Lives Matter predicts hundreds of protestors will protest in Cleveland, as well as others from around the country.

Kareem Henton, Organizer at Black Lives Matter Cleveland Bail-Disruptor, predicts a large coalition of people gathering locally.

“To let them know that we are unpleased and that we are going to vote him [President Donald Trump] out of office along with everyone who supports him,” Henton said.

Cleveland police are teaming up with state and federal agents for security, which includes the National Guard.

Civil rights attorney Paul Cristallo also plans to be at the debate and monitor protests to make sure peaceful protestors are treated fairly.

“I’m probably going to do the same thing I did at the May 30 protest,” said Cristallo. “You don’t want to see people getting arrested when they shouldn’t be arrested. You don’t want to see individuals exercising their first amendment rights to find themselves behind bars.”

The presidential debate between Democratic nominee Joe Biden and President Trump is scheduled for September 29. Election Day is November 3.

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