Oakland A's Broadcaster Glen Kuiper Fired After Saying N-Word On Air

Photo: Getty Images

Oakland A's broadcaster Glen Kuiper has been fired after he used the n-word during a broadcast earlier this month.

On Monday (May 22), NBC Sports California announced that it was parting ways with Kuiper after investigating the on-air incident, per TMZ.

"We thank Glen for his dedication to Bay Area baseball over the years," the network said in a statement.

Kuiper used the racial slur on May 5 during a discussion with Dallas Braden before the A's vs. Royals game. In an attempt to talk about his trip to the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum, Kuiper said the n-word instead.

The longtime broadcaster apologized for the incident later in the game. The following day, Kuiper was suspended from his role.

He issued another apology later that week.

"I could not be more sorry and horrified by what I said," Kuiper previously said. "I hope you will accept my sincerest apologies."

Kuiper called play-by-plays at A's games and other sporting events in the Bay Area for two decades.

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