ESPN Announcer Goes Viral For Word Slip-Up During College Baseball Game

Photo: Getty Images

ESPN announcer Tom Hart is going viral for his on-air slip-up.

Hart was calling the Auburn and Vanderbilt baseball game during the SEC tournament when he made the major blunder, Fox News reports. The announcer attempted to say "You can't turn the clock back," but mixed up his words.

"You can't turn the black c*ck black," Hart said as a Black hitter appeared onscreen.

Following the slip-up, Hart's colleague, Chris Burke, let out an audible "Ooh."

"I know it's after midnight," Hart quipped. The announcer had also called the tournament game before Vanderbilt took on Auburn.

Hart eventually corrected his mistake saying, "You can't turn the clock back."

Hart has worked for ESPN for over a decade, calling games for college baseball, football, basketball, Major League Baseball, and the XFL.

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