Chioma Nnadi To Make History As First Black Woman Head Of British Vogue

Photo: Getty Images

London-born journalist Chioma Nnadi is making history in the fashion industry.

According to The Guardian, Nnadi, who is currently the editor of US Vogue's website, has been named the head of British Vogue, replacing outgoing editor Edward Enniful.

Nnadi is set to take over the role on October 9, which will make her the first Black woman to head and edit British Vogue.

“Is there pressure? Yeah, there’s definitely pressure – it’s Vogue,” Nnadi said. “It still means something to be in Vogue, it still has authority. [And there’s pressure] because of Edward. He broke new ground. It’s more than being part of a magazine – it’s part of the cultural conversation.”

With her new role, Nnadi said she will focus on “digital storytelling” and keeping Vogue “interactive” with readers. She is likely to work alongside Anna Wintour, who previously described Nnadi as a "beloved colleague."

Nnadi said Wintour has been key to “bringing Vogue into the future”.

"Working under Anna, you get a sense of what’s going to be next. I haven’t checked my email but she’s probably on to the next thing already," she said.

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