Cop Caught On Camera Stealing $900 Cash From Black Driver During Arrest

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A former Charlotte, North Carolina police officer was caught on camera stealing money from a Black man during an arrest, per WSOC.

Ex-officer Henry Chapman was arrested on charges of embezzlement in connection to the March 14 arrest.

Body camera footage of the incident shows police taking a man into custody for an outstanding warrant for a weapons violation. One police officer searched the man and found two bundles of cash, one of which was in a rubber band.

In the video, Chapman put the man in the back of his patrol vehicle as another officer put items from the suspect's pockets in the passenger seat. Chapman then drove the man to a police building. In another video from Chapman's sergeant, the man accused the officer of attempting to steal his money.

“Can you just check in between his legs? He’s moving and everything, look, he’s moving,” the man told the sergeant.

“Sir, listen to me, tell me how much cash you had on you, what was the amount?” an officer responded.

“I just want to see, I’m not going to lie, can you check? I’m not going nowhere, can you check your fellow officer for me please?” the man said.

As an officer approached Chapman's car window, Chapman said: “We’re good, we’re good.”

The man continued to ask officers to check Chapman's vehicle until they listened to his request. They discovered the cash in a lower compartment on the inside of the door.

“This is your money?” an officer asked.

“Yes, I heard him crumple it up,” the man responded. “Thank you, thank you, all that’s being recorded, right?”

Chapman was arrested shortly after the incident and resigned from the police department.

“The video shows a CMPD police officer committing a crime, stealing money from a person who was in his custody. Adherence to the law is an absolute for police officers. The actions of former Officer Chapman were a contradiction to what we stand for," CMPD Chief Johnny Jennings said in a statement.

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