There's A New Credit Card Breach, You Might Want To Keep An Eye Out

Photo: Getty Images/Fox Photos

So if you've been out here recently and you used a credit card you may want to watch your bill because Landry's Inc. who is behind 60 different eatery brands and they've been affected by the breach.

Landry's Inc has issued a warning about the 2019 breach, and that it may have compromised customer credit card information. But some of the chains have been breached in 2018. But most of them happened between March and October, and they say it was human error.

So what are some of the possible locations that may be affected by the breach? Check out the list HERE

So they said that malware got into the unencrypted credit card readers that were mainly used for bar and kitchen orders, so if you've been to any of those locations, you might check your card statements for unusual activity.

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